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Destination 2010: A springboard to the future

In the Spring of 2001, The Minneapolis Foundation invited a group of third grade students to start dreaming of college. Today, for many of those students, that dream has become a reality. 

Approximately two thirds of those students pursued higher education right away after graduation, roughly split between two- and four-year institutions located primarily in the state of Minnesota.  The other students have the option to start up until January 2012, they are currently working, finishing credits or still deciding the best fit for their post-secondary goals. Click here to learn more about our students.

Destination 2010 staff, liaisons, and many community partners have worked with these students and their families to motivate and assist them on their path toward college. The final celebration for the students, their families, and the community, held in June 2010 - Destination Success! - was inspiring. Click here to read about Destination Success, and see event photos and videos.

As our students moved on, the Destination 2010 initiative wrapped up all formal programming in the fall of 2010. Students will work with Scholarship America to receive their scholarship. Click here for highlights of what we have learned so far from this important work, and check back as we release additional reports between now and Summer 2011 when the next report to the community will be released.

Launched in 2001, Destination 2010 enrolled 364 third-graders across seven struggling Minneapolis and St. Paul district public schools in a nine-year student achievement and scholarship initiative. ”D2010” was designed to help these students, the majority of whom were low income and students of color, graduate in 2010 and pursue higher education -- and to share the lessons learned along the way.

The D2010 students who remained continuously enrolled in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul public school districts, and non-district Cargill Scholars, would receive a scholarship upon entering a post-secondary institution: $10,000 for a four-year college or $5,000 for a vocational/technical school.

If you have questions about the initiative, contact Karen Kelley-Ariwoola, Vice President of Community Philanthropy at or (612) 672-3829.

Continue to look for scholarship, employment, internship and other opportunities at your school that will help you to be successful and allow you to gain valuable experience.

Be sure stay in contact with your academic and financial aid advisors to stay current on credits, deadlines and other important information as you work towards college graduation.

Good Luck!